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Our Global Potluck

Team Menu Planning
Between my boss’ 2 small teams at my day-thing, everyone comes from somewhere different. We have members from Japan, China, Vietnam, India, Washington State, Pennsylvania, Texas, and of course, Louisiana. I love the variety. Spice of life, and all that. Now if the linguists/translators joined us in a supergroup we could have 5 continents covered…

Today, we had a party and invited the rest of the floor. We sorted plans out on the whiteboard.

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That is so awesome! We work right above this organization called Northwest Immigration Rights Project, and they have a potluck EVERY DAY, and from what I hear the food is amazing! I wish we did potlucks here at work!

I like them, but I sometimes hear others grousing about potlucks which I don’t get so much. I love them for the sheer variety. Maybe y’all should start a bi-weekly Summertime thing, if you can rally the troops there.

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