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Visitor Day

Fremont canal
Today’s theme: visitors!

1. My good friend Irene came to the waterfront with me for lunch. We shared sandwiches from Homegrown. Tip: the grilled cheese was crazy delicious, don’t let the fennel fool you.
2. After work, I met up with mopie & Ian for happy hour at Brouwer’s, the Belgian pub. Unfortunately, I had to cut this shorter than ideal because I had another engagement with
3. Marcela! I met Marcela two and a half years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was so kind to take me around her hometown to all the sights & to take me shopping. A mutual friend of ours held a gathering downtown in her honor. I spent hours catching up with her and other friends who showed up. I hope the next time I see Marcela, we’re visiting Argentina!

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