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What happened to the Fremont Ship Canal trees?

watching the ships roll in
Today was lovely, so I grabbed lunch from Marination Mobile to sit by Fremont’s ship canal. This prowler was on his way to Alaska.

It was harder to find shade — so many removed tree stumps remain.
what happened to the ship canal trees?
Someone suggests a conspiracy:
conspiracy theory!

But, given city subsidies for the last few years for tree planting, I’m guessing something was wrong with them & the trees went to save others nearby. Does anyone know?

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Oh, apparently the life span of a poplar is only about 35 years. They are pretty fast growing so hopefully they’ll catch up quickly. They were so pretty.

That’s interesting. My first assumption was they had some sort of disease. But, I do wonder if the new project will help with better ground cover. You never know.

Maybe I shouldn’t mention some of the ACE’s other engineering projects…

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