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The Paw & The Potluck

Poor Paw
This morning, The Baron had emergency surgery on his paw. Seems he got a little overzealous with the digging. He’ll be okay.

In the evening, we had one final gathering for our friends A&B. It was a seriously great time, even the part where I suspected two alpha females 😉 would go to the mat over the Rock Band mike situation.

Everyone brought a dish. Based on early response, we set the theme “dishes from places you’ve lived.” A brought both Russian & Greek food — one dish was tyrokafteri, a spicy feta dip, which happens to be my favorite. There was fried chicken, mac & cheese, apple pie, chicken enchiladas, herring, asian chicken salad, German sausages, and muffalettas.

When A&B left at the end of the night, I wondered when & where I’d see them again. I was sad to see them go. After a quick stop on the east coast, they move to Vladivostock later this year.

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