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At the Curling Club

At the Granite Curling Club
Mr. T’s mom threw a belated surprise party for Mr. T’s dad at the Curling Club. We had great conversations with the multitudes of family members and someone brought these pretzels wrapped in cheese and bacon that I could. not. stop. eating. Our family members did well on the ice — we watched the first several skirmishes before heading home but didn’t finish the match. I wasn’t in the peppiest of moods.

On the way to the party, my mom had called to tell me that her close friend had died that day. Her friend was the mother of my childhood best friend Ginger, and someone I’ve known since I was born. I knew things were going very poorly the whole week before, but I was shocked. I have been having a hard time with it.

I’m grateful I got a message to her before she was gone.

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