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Kappo Omakase

Kappo Omakase
Tonight was an epic evening at Kappo for omakase. They’re moving from Fremont, and I wanted to visit them before they left. Six of us sat at the bar for a remarkable dinner by the personable & friendly Taichi.
Kappo Omakase
The Master, Taichi
Our menu:
A salad of mizuna greens & geoduck
Two kinds of oysters: Totten Virginica & …either Shigoku or Olympia
Miso soup with mustard, taro, and a chewy piece of rice dough – the dough symbolized longevity and this dish is only served in Japan during the 1st week of the year
Scallops and geoduck sauteed with 2 kinds of mushroom & mustard greens – pictured here.
A dish with turnips, shaved woodear mushrooms, lingcod and snowcrab with uni & wasabi on top
Sushi: sockeye, tuna, yellowfish, sea bream with yuzu & chili paste (my favorite), rockfish, and more I didn’t write down
Dessert: chestnut panna cotta with honey rum syrup
My favorites: the yellowfish nigiri, the sea bream nigiri, the miso and the dessert.
Maggi has pictures here. Kairu has her pictures here.

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