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Winter Gardening

The temps were in the teens only 2 weeks ago. I’m amazed the sage appears to be thriving.

I was in the backyard, hoping to distract The Baron from the cable guy. I found tulips and narcissus the other day that I forgot I bought…I know the ground was frozen only two weeks ago but given the choice between throwing away or experimenting, I went with the experiment.
Better late than never?

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I’ll be interested to hear what happens to your bulbs! I transplanted some winter Pansies into an outdoor box on an extremely cold day and I thought they were goners for sure, but they seem to be coming back slowly…

I’ll report back in March!

Plants are amazingly resilient. Many of my herbs come back every year — I’m resolved never to plant mint in the ground because you’ll never get it out. Not even after weeks of temperatures in the teens and 3 feet of snow on top of them.

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