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Merry Christmas! Have some sparkling cranberries.

Sparkling Cranberries
In the morning, we went back to Mr. T’s parents’ for gifts! We each got a snuggie; apparently, Mr. T is not a fan. The things you learn. I love mine but I suppose the matching monograms won’t be happening.

In the evening, friends without family in Seattle (plus a few extra) came over for dinner for our own family dinner. All month, I worried I’d catch the Christmas melancholy since we weren’t headed to Louisiana. This was my insurance against that. Mr. T cooked up a great ham. The ham had to be reheated before we officially sat down. (It was killer when it was first done, but only okay an hour later). Better luck next time but I think most were happy. My scalloped potatoes were awesome. As were the addictive sparkling cranberries pictured above. The recipe’s here.

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