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Spring Hill Brunch, a Community Concert, and Book Club

A Beverage we didn't order
This has been our big holiday weekend of activities. And I didn’t even do any shopping — I haven’t even started. But as far as the season goes, today was the busiest day yet.

We met with eM, her husband, and another couple at Spring Hill in West Seattle. I’d just been there for a Friday workshop, but this place has been on my list all year. We liked it. They accidentally delivered a bloody mary that no one ordered. We photographed it, because that is what we do. Then the lady came back to take it to its rightful home.

Mid-afternoon, my friend (code-named) Dagmar had her community band Christmas concert. I thoroughly enjoyed it with motomotoyama & other friends.

In the evening, book club. We discussed The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, a Swedish mystery. I prefer book clubs where there’s disagreement in our literary assessments, so this one ranks high. For the record, I liked the book. Some loved it, some HATED it. Mr. T got into the spirit of the Swedish theme by making Swedish Meatballs. I made drommar & rosti. I ran out of time for pepperkakor.

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Mmmmm, sounds like a good spread. Rosti with an umlaut is Swiss German. We’ve been eating a lot of that these days (and my waistline can attest to that)!

I wish I could have seen the band play! Glad you all went and had a good time.

I miss book club!! Janet is reading that book right now and is having a hard time getting into it. Maybe you’ll have to discuss with her. 🙂 Do you have Skype yet? If you get it then we can talk to you. 🙂 I’m reading Snow Falling on Cedars. Have you read it yet?

Interesting on rosti — I wonder if there’s overlap? Or is that a metadata mistake on the Food Network site?

We miss having you in book club, too. I don’t have Skype yet, but I should so we can talk about books! I haven’t read Snow Falling on Cedars. I think I got a copy around the time I moved here, but never read it. Motomotoyama brought it up the other day when we were talking about the camps in the Western US during WW2, so it’s back on my radar. Is it good?

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