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New Glasses

New Glasses
I’ve wondered for years if I should break up my contact lens habit. Though I can’t see as crisply in glasses as contacts, I suspect it’s good to give my eyes a break more than the 6-8 hours/night I do now.

I hate shopping for glasses. I bought my last pair 8 years ago. I went with that year’s common metal frame and committed upon advice from a shop employee. In retrospect, they looked just like his. They bent easily, and on one of the early times I wore them in public, a (tactless) friend (?) said, “oh, those sure aren’t as cute as the last pair you had.” Dude, who raised you?

Today I had a last minute eye doc visit. I bit the bullet after trying just about every pair in the clinic’s store. Most were far too big or small. Most were far too square. Most colors seemed garish. I was determined to find one that didn’t fit the curse of 00’s fashion. I didn’t ever really find what I was looking for. But it’s been 7 annual exams since my last pair, where I thought each year would be the one where I’d change.

These will arrive in 10 days. Sometimes you just gotta step off the path you’re on & bust out of the rut.

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If you are shopping for eyewear again, check out Colaizzo on Queen Anne. Camille Colaizzo and all of her staff are quite helpful and there are all kinds of frames in back that they bring out for you to try. Camille is also quite opinionated and will tell you if something is good or bad. The quality is high, as is the price. I have 3 pairs of glasses from Colaizzo and all have held up very well, and remained stylish.
Eyes on Fremont is a much cheaper alternative for stylish frames. Their quality may be lower and so is the price. They tend to carry frames of lower quality metals, but I am happy with one pair I purchased from them. I do like their blog where they photograph and post new frames when they arrive in their store.

You should go to Eyes on Fremont. Cheap and even though the don’t bill your vision insurance directly their glasses are well priced. There are also a ton of helpful employees to assist you with your eye glass selection. The Dude actually has this same brand of frames and he loves them.

Thanks, Greg & Sprizee. I know it’s shameful I haven’t made it into Eyes on Fremont by now, but you know that Fremont hill is killer. I am filing away that rec and Colaizzo. Thanks, you two!

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