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Holiday Festivities & Birthdays

Toad's Xmas Tree
My old colleague Todd (sometimes called Toad in these parts) had a birthday last month, but events kept us from celebrating til today. C combined the birthday celebration with a holiday open house.

For dinner, we stopped at Aloha Ramen. I had the spicy tan tan men and Mr. T had the Kimchee Ramen. We’ll be back. So good to break up my pho habit with a little ramen.

Then, we had Mr. T’s colleague’s birthday party. Lovely home, good chitchat amongst his new teammates, and I met someone from my hometown (though she’d been born in…Thibodaux). I gave her my deets so we can keep each other in the loop on any crawfish boils or Louisiana happenings in the PacNW. 🙂

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