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Bring It On Marathon

During the Bring It On Intermission
Of teen comedies, a precious few stand a cut above the rest. Bring it On is one such gem — a late-90s oeuvre of SoCal high school cheerleaders. Keaver heard one of us hadn’t seen it, so this provided him the perfect excuse to have our gang over for brunch-time waffles and BACON, Halloween leftovers, and a viewing of the full trilogy. (Oh yeah, there’s more than one.)

Between the lazing about and talking, it took us 5 hours to finish the first movie. I snapped this view of the Needle during intermission.

Today was low-key but it couldn’t have been more perfect — spending time with some of the best people I know. I felt extraordinarily grateful to be there and felt more at home with Seattle today than I have in years. True story.

This is a good life to be living.

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