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Tonight, I went to Foodportunity. It’s billed as a networking event for those in the food industry. I’m not in the industry. I am not so big on the schmoozing nor am I angling for anything new. But, this was as painless as it gets if you were need such a venue — Keren Brown did a great job. Everyone met someone new. There were vendors serving food and showcasing wares. This was the draw for me, who lives to eat well. And I saw friends I haven’t in weeks — equally as compelling as food.

At one point, I tried the pulled pork with jalapeno coleslaw on a white trash biscuit from Lunchbox Lab. OMG, people. This was my favorite. I must have that again.

I wanted to take more pictures of the neon in the hood afterward. But after my first light-test shot, spotted a young lady lighting up her “pipe.” I skedaddled my way out of there. Poor Belltown. It’s hit the skids.

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