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Greenwood & Gorgeous George’s

Greenwood's Fabled Unicorn
We started to head to today’s Mobile Chowdown, but preliminary reports indicated SF Street Food Fair levels of popularity (and a bit of a cluster). We turned around halfway there, and rerouted to Gorgeous George’s, a Mediterranean place we’d heard of soon after our May trip to Greece. It was ok. I prefer Georgia’s for this hood. But the owner was great!

I approve of their signage though:
Gorgeous George's

at home

Quiet Night

Coming Down Soon
Tonight, I’m relieved we have no plans. Eating down the fridge + The Office’s Wedding episodes on hulu = greatly welcomed after weeks of activities and travel.

Tomorrow, Mr. T tells me the garden gets tilled for cover crops. I caught the evening light of these for the last time.

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Rubik’s Cube of Belltown

Rubik's Bustop
Mr. T and I were at a friends-and-family night at a restaurant opening in Belltown next week. We mulled taking a bus home, but One Bus Away indicated a substantial wait…we went for the nearest cab stand. But not before I got a shot of this guy with his Rubik’s Cube.

Our cheese and dessert course at Ventana:
Cheese PlateMascarpone Cake with Limoncello

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Southern Fried Chicken for Sukkot

Fried Chicken
A few weeks ago, Debi let on her fried chicken recipe was perfect. Tonight, she proved it. And! Then! She sent me home with leftovers. I am so happy. Mr. T couldn’t make it to our dinner in time and I haven’t even let on yet to Mr. T that I have them. MAYBE I WON’T.

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The Seattle Paramount Update

Seattle Paramount's Re-signage
I was downtown at lunchtime today and witnessed workmen lowering signage at Seattle’s Paramount. I was alarmed.

Upon consulting Uncle Google, it turns out they’re trading the old sign with a more energy-efficient model.

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Back to Seattle’s Fall

Today was back to the usual. At dusk, tested out a new lens Mr. T got me while I was away. The tree we planted last year will shed soon.

The Baron’s waiting (im)patiently for his supper:

One thing I’ve learned from all the photography in the last few years — having darker cabinets, or a dining room in brick red is murder on getting a good exposure.

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Staying Put

Capitol Lanterns

Tomorrow night, I fly back to Seattle. Today, I reconnected with two old friends. One, I hadn’t seen in 15 years since I moved to Provo, UT. C & I met in the afternoon. The other I’d seen sooner, maybe 7 years ago. I spent Saturday evening with Jean and her friends. Both have so much meaning in my past, I could tell stories for hours. I didn’t take their pictures though. Maybe next time. It didn’t feel necessary in the moment; I’m not sure why.

Before I saw them, we started the day at Another Broken Egg. This is the 2nd outpost of a place east of Baton Rouge, in Mandeville. My mom’s talked up this place for the last year and now I know why. The Redfish Benedict is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in Baton Rouge; maybe one of the best things I’ve eaten for breakfast. The dish incorporated pan-seared redfish on french toast, with two poached eggs covered in andouille hollandaise sauce. I hesitated on ordering — wasn’t I trying to avoid heavy sauces after a Summer of gastronomic excess?

Well, after consulting with the waiter and even considering their Crabcakes Cavallo, I went for the redfish over the crab (seemingly similar, but replace the redfish with shrimp and crab cakes). It’s one of the most rewarding decisions I made all trip. This is another place I’m taking Mr. T the next time we visit. Address info at the bottom of this entry.

Capitol Lanterns

Then I was at the Capitol again while my mom had really, truly, finally tied up all the loose ends. I spent some time wandering the halls at the Capitol, taking pictures of the art deco lanterns in the Senate, House, and back hallways.

Capitol Lantern

In the evening with Jean, we helped her friends organize their grandmother’s recipes to make a cookbook for Christmas. Since I love vintage, community-driven cookbooks like a fat kid loves cake (& uh, me too!), I was thrilled to participate. We deciphered the recipes — many didn’t have titles. We sorted. And finally, we designed layouts to preserve recipe scraps and the handwriting. I hope I see the final product someday, in some form.

figs and strawberries
one of the retro recipes

Another Broken Egg Cafe (Old Hammond Highway) on Urbanspoon

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The Next Chapter

Roberto's River Road
Today was my mom’s last official day of work, ever. Before I went to visit pick her up at the end of the day, I went to lunch at Roberto’s River Road which is surprise! on River Road, along the Mississippi, southeast of Baton Rouge. It’s officially in St. Gabriel, but Sunshine and Plaquemine both seem to like to make claim on it.

I had stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon, deep-fried. It was awesome, but what caught my attention was the side of corn. I’m recreating that at home. Also, I finally had “Sensation Salad.” I say finally as I’ve since learned that it’s a Baton Rouge classic but you could’ve fooled me as I never heard of it. (A twist on a Caesar. I’d share a pic, but it ain’t purdy.) I’m bringing Mr. T back at Christmas the holidays. I’ve already got a few dishes lined up. They’re open for lunchtime and dinnertime, but closed every Sunday and Monday.

St. Gabriel
Near Roberto’s — I’ve wanted to stop to take pictures of this decommissioned General Store for years

I went back downtown. While I waited for my mom again, I walked around some more. The capitol guards struck up conversations about digital cameras. I was impressed how they seemed to know more about my camera than I did.
Washington, all the way up the steps
Washington’s step at the capitol

Then I found Strands Café, thanks to a tip from Eliza. I ordered a prosciutto & provolone croissant, a chocolate croissant, and a lemon meringue tart to try over the weekend. (All were classically great.) I ordered an Iced Orinoco Mocha for the moment. Strands is a gem, a coffeeshop with great pastries and exquisite chocolates. I got to talking with the owner as they were winding down. She grew up in Baton Rouge, graduated from my high school, moved away, spent time at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, and came back last year to open her place. If I lived here, I’d visit all the time.

Once my mom was ready, we headed home to get ready for her final dinner with her colleagues. We went to a hibachi grill (akin to Benihana) and I gotta say, I had a great time.

Sidebar: I kept hearing radio commercials for this haunted house and saw it on our way. I wish it fit into my schedule this trip.

13th Gate
(I kept the underexposed image for the creepier effect.)

Strands cafe on Urbanspoon

Roberto's River Road Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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At the Capitol

State Capitol
I went with my mom in the afternoon to attend a colleague’s retirement party. (My mom is also retiring this week.) Wandered the grounds around her work a bit.

My mom kept all the postcards I sent her from trips I’ve taken in the last five years on her office wall. If you click through to Flickr, I labeled each card’s location.
Tales of Trips Past