As Seen in Wallingmont
On my commute home, up Stone Way, I spotted this character.

I met up with Cynthia at the Kingfish Cafe. I’ve been craving perfect fried chicken for months. This wasn’t it as it was missing some jzhuzh, but a decent effort. We capped dinner with Strawberry Shortcake (Mr. T warned me that alone would be dinner enough) and C had Red Velvet. The leftovers will last the week.
My Strawberry Shortcake.
Spoon in the back, for scale. Sorta.


Both great desserts, but bread pudding’s not gonna be there for at least two more weeks. FYI.

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5 Responses to As seen in Wallingmont

  1. Debi says:

    I’ve been craving it for a while, too. And mine? Damned near perfection. When do you guys want to come over?

  2. Rachel says:

    Not only have I been craving it, but I’ve been making a solid effort to get satisfied at half a dozen places. No go.

    I looked at my calendar to figure out when would be an open evening…and I had to go lie down.

  3. Elise says:

    HI Rachel,
    Would you please email me? I want to make sure you’re on the invite list for the BlogHer after party but I don’t have your email address. Thanks!

  4. Maya says:

    Love the car! Janet is jealous of those food pics and wants me to take her there. BTW, I might have a food photo job gotten because of my blog! Woo Hoo!

  5. […] few weeks ago, Debi let on her fried chicken recipe was perfect. Tonight, she proved it. And! Then! She sent me home with leftovers. I am so happy. Mr. T […]

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