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One Stop Salute

Sun Set
Herein I salute the American ingenuity of one-stop shopping. I love a great farmer’s market as much as the next NYTimes-reading, Prius-driving*, latte-swilling, arugula-munching elitist, but convenience is a relief, even for those who have some notion on finding virtue or salvation via shopping habits. (A modern day version of purchasing indulgences, if you will?)

So very tired. A little stressed by the day thing but had some outside business to attend to. Embarrassingly long overdue visit to pick up an Rx. Watch battery’s been dead for 2 months. Needed (oh come on, wanted) to pick up the final Gourmet issue. On a 2-week, pre-holiday sugar & bread avoidance to curb my escalating sandwich & dessert habit; needed rabbit food (i.e. lettuce). Needed to take a quick snap of the awesome rays as the sun set. Resolved all my first world problems in one fell swoop — 15 minutes, tops — by stopping at the nearby Big Box. So very grateful.

P.S. I don’t drive a Prius. Or drink lattes.

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