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This month, on Virgin America from Seattle

Back to SFO
Last month, I took my first Virgin America flight. Tonight, I returned to SeaTac to fly to SFO for Blogher Food 2009. I wish this flight went as uneventful, sadly there were hydraulics issues. The crew on the plane handled it well and the mood wasn’t bad, just delayed.

After hours on the plane, we got off to hang out at the gate for a few more hours. Eventually, 5 hours later than anticipated, I arrived in San Francisco. My night and plans were completely shot, but I wasn’t livid until Virgin America agents Claudio and Lani in San Francisco completely fumbled the ground transportation situation and didn’t live up to Virgin’s alleged service credo. The more they talked, the worse it got. Promises earlier in the conversation completely unraveled by delivery time.

My favorite potshot from Lani to a fellow passenger, in response to denying a request for a cab voucher (BART was shut down, it was 1:30 AM):
“Hey, be grateful we got you here alive.”

Stay classy, Lani and Claudio!

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Both of my trips on VA have had something wonky. The unfortunate part of this — I had a positive opinion of them based on the service on the plane this time and leading up to it during the delays. I’m disappointed the agents turned me off so much.

BlogHer Food was great! I should finally get to posting that soon…

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