Garden - Black Krim
We invited Mr. T’s parents over to grill steak & meet my mom and brother for the first time. Mr. T is awesome at the grill so I took over the side dishes which came directly from our garden.

We have four big tomato plants this year — my Black Krim heirloom is prospering right now. I have about a dozen off one plant alone. They are HUGE. Each is about a pound and equivalent to 3 supermarket Roma tomatoes. It’s all caprese salads all the time around here right now. Hooray!

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2 Responses to Gigantor Tomatoes & Meet the Parents

  1. Maya says:

    Lucky! How did the meet and greet go?

  2. Rachel says:

    Thanks! It went really well. They have a good amount in common, so I suspected all along it would go well.

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