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Txori, Tapas

Txori Alley
In San Francisco last week, the dudes at 15 Romolo suggested Txori to Mr. T. It’s been on my List for a while, to try. Tonight, we went with Gus & Matt to check it out.

Drinks were great, except for that last Pepino. I was mostly whelmed, neither over or under, by the food selection. Choices are divided between pintxos frios (cold) and pintxos caldos (hot). The albondigas (caldo) were my favorite, but I liked the Prosciutto (frio). The braised pork and braised beef bites were just okay, almost lacking in flavor like the ingredients themselves weren’t at their best.

I’m guessing this Tuesday night just was an off night, much like how none of my pictures turned out. Ah well, ’twas no Romolo. I’ll try ’em again though.

2207 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
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