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Last Day of Muppets – Fantastic World at the EMP

Jim's Henson's Fantastic World, Thisaway
I learned to read by Sesame Street when I was 3 or 4. I loved the word-scramble animations back then. My Dad used to call me Oscar the Grouch when I was overtired. I loved Bert & Ernie, Big Bird and Mr. Snuffalapagus. I couldn’t miss the Fantastic World Exhibit at the EMP. Mr. T and I went shortly after he made an awesome brunch of blackberry pancakes.

Community Coffee Storyboard
They showed all sorts of Jim Henson projects over his lifetime of work. Including storyboards, early muppeteering, and later fantasy projects. I left the exhibit totally inspired to do something creative.

I liked the soft wall of exotic muppet fur so much, Mr. T threatened, “I know what someone’s getting installed for Christmas…”
Wall of Exotic Muppet Fur

Tonight, some of my pals from my book club are headed to Golden Gardens & later, Mad Men!!

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