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Boating in Commencement Bay

Lollygaggin on the Back Deck
Before 8 PM, today was the best day of my Summer. We went boating with Keaver, a friend of his, and Nick. We stuck to the Sound, going around Commencement Bay, past Tacoma, then parked over between Maury Island and Vashon while we ate and generally lazed out.

Friends from Paris and San Francisco were visiting this weekend — after 8, I dropped Mr. T off to hang out with them while I went home to get some things done. When I walked in the house, the back door was wide open and The Baron was gone. I looked everywhere for him, walked the streets, called Mr. T to come home to help me find him. Laura ended up driving him back right away (bless you Laura!). All I could figure was that he was scared by the thunder at dusk.

Mr. T got ready to head out on his scooter as night fell. The Baron must have heard me shouting all over the neighborhood because when Mr. T opened the front door, he was sitting there patiently, panting away on the porch.

And then I walked to Peaks for frozen custard to smother my adrenalin rush.

Still, an amazing day on the water.
Hooray for Summer
Hooray for Summer

Nick & KeavJuly 2009 Boating
Nick & Keav, then Keaver on his boat

Mt Rainier
Our dormant volcano

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