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Chinese Feast at Chiang’s Lake City

Green onion pancakes - moving fast
The food moved fast with this gang.

Last week, a few of us missed out on a dinner at Jack’s Tapas, Mainly Chinese. Tonight, we were supposed to have a makeup session, but when we arrived realized why they hadn’t called back to confirm my reservation (they usually don’t need them). They were closed for a wedding but their site hadn’t reflected that a few days before. So our voracious group of 11 convened a mile north at Chiang’s on Lake City Way instead.

We had so. much. food. My favorites were the hand-shaved noodles, the short ribs (pictured above) and the Spicy Fish “on Roman Lettuce.” Traca snapped a picture of our order here which was:
Green Onion pancakes
Leek Dumplings
Sea Cucumber
Short Rib with Triple Chili
Spicy Fish on “Roman” Lettuce
Enoki Black Mushroom with bean curd
Shanghai Style Pan Noodles
Homemade Noodles with ground pork
Shredded Pork with squid and yellow leeks
Tea-smoked Duck

Afterward, Traca stopped by. We talked for hours.

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