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Cherries in the Snow

Cherries in the Snow
Traca organized an Americana-themed potluck tonight to honor visiting International grad students. I love any & all things Americana, foodwise, so I was all over this. When it came time to plan what to bring, I was at a loss. I knew there’d be apple pie and ribs and potato salads and so on.

Domestic goddess gfrancie advised: Cherries in the Snow. Brilliant reminder — I’ve wanted to make this since she first told me about it 18 months ago. It’s no-bake and simple:

Graham Cracker Crust made from graham crackers, sugar, butter
Middle layer of cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, sugar
Topped with Cherry Pie filling

Loved it and consider it the whole-food version (ha!) of another guilty pleasure: motomotoyama’s Dream Pie. (Essentially Dream Pie boxed mix in pie crust.) Traca called it no-bake cheesecake. That’s about right.

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