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Japadog – Vancouver BC

Japadog Vancouver - Kurobuta Dog
I’m running the half-marathon on Sunday, so today we drove up to Vancouver BC. Our first stop after checking into the Moda Hotel was: Japadog! This was the Okonomi with kurobuta pork and bonito flakes. Mr. T and friends tried others. All good. For dinner, we hit up Legendary Noodle on Denman. Fabulous night-before dinner:
Carboloading by Me

Other great coverage of Japadog over at Wright Eats: The Year of the Ox–note the priceless helpful comments by The Gastrognome. The Gastrognome tipped us off to Legendary Noodle — the perfect place for carbo-loading.

The Japadog we visited is at: 899 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC Map Here

The Legendary Noodle we visited is at: 1074 Denman Street, Vancouver BC Map here

Japadog (Burrard & Smythe) on Urbanspoon

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One of these days, I should write about it. (Famous last words!) 🙂

It went well. The trip was a great time, though.

Hi Rachel! It’s nice to see you popping up in the queue! I’m so jealous you got to try Japadog. I think it may have the most blog posts of any restaurant in Urbanspoon at the moment.

Anyway, I added your post to Urbanspoon. Check it out:

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