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Fried Spaghetti Sandwich

Fried Spaghetti Sandwich
Every January, my friend Mary throws a fabulous pie party. Three years ago, my contributions to said party: standard Pecan Pie and Spaghetti Pie. The former is my specialty while the latter was basically baked spaghetti in a pie dish. Novel & tasty, but nothing monumental. That’s pretty much how I feel about today’s offering from Skillet. Non-remarkable.

Remaining options were grilled calamari stew, their standard yet fabulous burger, and some other soup which I’m sure would be the tastiest version of its kind but I wasn’t in the mood. The sandwich jumped right out as easy and good and tasty. It was. All morning I dealt with a busy Mexico commerce project (oh heavens the timing seems cruel and I just have immense sympathy for what’s been going on between the cartels and the flu) and I pre-ordered and found myself lucky to grab 20 minutes with a sunny view by the water.

I also realized just how much I’ve missed basil since last Summer. Time to plant.

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Holy crap! My dad used to make me a spaghetti sandwich. Must try this one!

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