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Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!
The strangely cold wet snap is sapping desires to photograph. You know, I have a feeling it’s been dragging me all month as I have a disproportionate number of phone pictures. Nevertheless, we’ll move right along…

I get cranky about April Fool’s Day, annually. I brace myself, even ponder avoiding Internetland save for Google’s main prank. Today I just kept running across things here and there that made me laugh. My favorite: the BBC’s 1957 Swiss Spaghetti Harvest. I may have to revise my stance.

Around 3 PM, I was talking to my old pal Tucker about Puerto Vallarta & noticed this cake. It seemed evenly frosted but I thought “red flag! It’s April 1!” So we continued to chitchat and someone came along wanting to try it. Turns out it was a tarted-up box that the knife couldn’t pierce. I laughed anyway. When I left later, I laughed again and realized it merited a memory of the day.

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