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Three weeks til Spring
Over the weekend, the fine folks at my day-thing upgraded my old desk for a new location. This was the sight directly above my monitor screen most of today. I use a lightbox most mornings, but with this sunshine (early Spring tease!) I nearly blinded myself by lunchtime today. The clouds get amazingly bright. At one point it took nearly five minutes to regain normal vision when I finally left my seat. I AM NOT COMPLAINING. There will just be a little adjustment phase.

I lunched with a former colleague at Tawon Thai. On our way back, we discovered Fremont Baja Fresh has closed after nearly 5 years. My patronage has dropped off as I’ve been brown-baggin’ it when I don’t meet friends for lunch or get talked into Skillet. When I do meet friends at lunch, most non-Fremonters talk me into Thai.

I realize an elitist attitude’s nearly expected these days & I should shun such establishment chains but I will miss the good folks there. It might ‘as well have been a mom and pop shop, the way the long-time regulars treated guests. I used to order this off-menu salad that I could load up with jalapenos and cilantro and pico de gallo. Healthy for fast food. I could call in when I was in a lunch rush and when I came in, those who recognized me would greet with “Hola, Rrrrraquel!” As it goes, it’s great where they know your name. Or give you a pet nickname.

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