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From the New Phone

First Photo from the G1
With trepidation, I cut the cord to the crackberry today, in order to give the Android a fair shot. This is from the first trio of pictures snapped, taken by the canal in Fremont.

Tonight is another volunteer night…there’s still a smidgen of hope I’ll make it to trivia. But, I may be sidelined due to other activities until late February.

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I’m using the new G1/Android phone. (I also call it the g00g phone from time to time, but Android is the most common nickname. Mr. T and his colleagues each received one for Christmas.)

So far, it’s miles ahead of the Curve. Pun not necessarily intended.

The true test will be if it can regularly handle calls over 10 minutes without the native OS rebooting. I loved the Blackberry, but it let me down so, so many times.

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