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The Baron of January

The Baron of January
It’s been a while since The Baron was featured on the daily photo. Here he is, this evening, after I so rudely interrupted his lounge-time.

Tonight, I went to this thing — a packed room of 100 women of varying degrees of techiness (and 1 man) — as I was so conveniently in the hood already. I came home to a Mr. T-created dinner of mock mai tais and nachos. It was reminiscent of a number of poolside lunches at our Hawaiian resort in November. Except without all the sunshine, heat, ocean, pools, tropics or lovely sunsets. Sigh.

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I would have given you that look to if you interrupted my loungin’!

I remember reading about this event. I wish I had known you were going. I might have tried to go. Though I was sickly yesterday, so maybe not. 🙁

Was it good?

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