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Soup Swap!

Soup Swap
I participated in a Soup Swap tonight. I made several trial passes this week, looking for something that would scale well, for 6 quarts. I decided on a rendition of the Hopvine’s Caramelized Shallot, White Bean, and Rum Soup. (With this technique, the alcohol seemed to instantly evaporate.)

Other participants brought: a classic Mushroom Barley from Joy of Cooking, Thai Butternut Squash and Cream of Carrot.

I am planning a total soup bender all week. The hostess, Maggie, also made fabulous cookies and served my favorite cheese: gouda. It was one of those laid-back, enjoyably conversational evenings.

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Hi Rachel,

We’d love to include an actual post on your Seattle area Soup Swap? We had our really big one on Saturday night. We knew of one going on in Renton…is that yours? Or was your different? If so, we’d love to find out how you found out about the concept? Some of last year’s West Seattle swaps? Kirkland? We’re curious!

Feel free to drop us a note using the “Tell Us About It” button on Soup Swap or just email me at knox “well known symbol”


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