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I’ve been frequently very tired all week. Laying low & napping when not socializing. Wondering if I was coming down with something. But tonight, Mr. T brought up a neighborhood place we were reminded of Sunday night by a friend & his wife — formerly Big Bowl Noodle House, now known as Charm Thai Noodles & Bar. Close enough that I was still game to walk over there.

I ordered the Tom Yum Bowl (rice noodle option – 4 stars) and Mr. T ordered the Wonton Bowl (3 stars). Two notes: A. This place is not kidding around with its heat scale. I can’t tell you the Seattle places that’ve let me down lately in this regard. I may have gone one star too high, thus obstructing true judgment on the overall taste. B. Perfect pricing. We made it out of there with 2 bowls, 2 tea orders, 20% tip — for under $25. Budget-friendlier than any Thai place I know of north of Lake Union. I was very happy overall. Next time, I’ll trust their ratings. We’ll be back — I have a menu to work through.

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