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National Day of Service at NW Harvest

My Own Nametag!
Today, sprizee and her Dude joined me at NW Harvest’s Cherry Street Kitchen to Make it a Day On in light of the holiday. (Note: You can also find more opportunities here, if interested — Obama’s service site.)

Over the last 9 years*, I have volunteered with many local organizations, looking for the right fit, and Northwest Harvest remains the most rewarding for my time. Today, the Sandwich Brigade shift was from 8-10 and we prepped groceries and lunch bags for another 1-2 hours.

Feel free to donate money, food, or your time; it won’t go to waste. They feed thousands throughout Washington state at many food banks. For their clients, Northwest Harvest doesn’t require IDs or paperwork. They turn no one away.

*Nine years ago MLK Weekend, I visited Seattle for a job interview. On MLK afternoon, I got an offer and moved the next week. Nine years!

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