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UW Insight: The Digital Presidency

Johnson Hall, UW
Once upon a time, I was very involved with this one women’s tech group here in Seattle. Some of us met for monthly lunches on the Eastside. The woman who organized our lunches is now a Senior Lecturer at UW in Digital Media.

I learned last week she’d be speaking at UW on The Digital President as part of a presentation on social media and the election, so I made a point to attend tonight. She was even better than the last time I saw her speaking professionally about UI, seven years ago. A snippet of the topic: “Facebook. Twitter. Text messaging. The President-elect used all of these digital tools to devastating effect in the 2008 election. How did he do it? What strategic lessons can we learn from Barack Obama’s high-tech campaign? How might he deploy this online army of millions to govern?”

The auditorium was packed! Someday, I’ll have to take one of Kathy Gill’s classes.

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