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It’s only Just Begun

It's only just begun
All day, we’ve been in wait for the next huge storm. After Thursday’s brouhaha, the next was due Saturday, late-night. We left our neighborhood midday for the first time since round 1…we went north to Costco and that jaunt was pretty much enough for me. I think everyone else in Seattle had the same idea — housebound for 2 days, with one day to shop before the next blizzard rolled into the area. It was a complete madhouse.

I took this just after the snow started calmly around 4 PM, about 8 hours earlier than the weatherman estimated. The idea of being cooped up the entire evening nearly did me in, so we took Metro to Northgate to meet up with C&I and motomotoyama. Hours later, it’s been dumping since and reminds me of that Family Ties Blizzard episode where the snow’s blowing sideways, nearly white-out conditions.

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Nice shot! I’ve been out in it taking photos every day until today. I finally gave up and just stayed in. Looks like it will be another work from home day tomorrow!

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