BOMC: Classic
A group of food Enthusiasts here in Seattle hit up a different burger place monthly and share their exploits online. They don’t always go in a big group, but they make the effort. I’ve known about them for years and last Thursday night, one of the prime instigators offered to head to Pig ‘n Whistle with me. And so tonight, we went along with Mr. T and a friend who I knew from my Cookbook group/club. As it happened she is already pals with the BOMC instigator who invited me in the first place.

My burger was great, Mr. T’s fried chicken was fantastic, I was thrilled to get sweet potato fries as a side and I finally got to try Smelt (can’t recall having eaten it before). Thumbs up on all food counts…except for the Sazeracs — sugared rims and shaken have no place near them, and I’d never seen one in a martini glass before.

Here’s a snap of the smelt:

And the fried chicken:
Fried Chicken, Tabasco Honey Biscuit

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3 Responses to Burger of the Month: Pig ‘n Whistle

  1. jay mcg says:

    I love the pig n whistle! they make a mean pulled pork sammy, too.

  2. Rachel says:

    I’ll have to go back and try that!

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