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Pioneer Square Field Trip

From the balcony
Weekend nights in Pioneer Square are usually not my bag. But, some of the kickballers & bowlers were headed there and I took their offer to join and show our bowling captain C’s friends from NC a good Seattle time. We started at Marcus’ Martini Heaven. C filed for divorce last week and laughed when I told her the last time I was at Marcus’ was the month my divorce began. Four years ago now?

Ah, breakups, such a process.

Around 11ish, we went to Trinity where C had reserved VIP for us. And all that that entails. I hung out for a bit, until I was summoned via text around 12:30 to see Shanda & Mik at Goldie’s in Wallingford. Mr. T then joined up with us for darts but later we both declined the after-parties.

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