Pardon my Spanish
Saturday night, I headed up to Edmonds to check out Rick Steves’ lecture on his recent trip to Iran. I’d followed his dispatches from that trip, and have enjoyed his speeches before. I was not disappointed. The lecture was packed, and capped off his semi-annual travel festival that typically covers most European regions and practical subjects such as “Packing Light and Right.” Check it out sometime, if you’re a traveler, it’s a horribly useful way to spend your Saturday. Rick Steves doesn’t teach all classes, but for the ones he does, he is much more political & passionate in speaking engagements vs. his PBS shows.

Afterward, it was off to Celeste and Ian’s for birthday week’s end with Rock Band and Scene It. This greeted upon arrival.

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  1. […] November, I caught Rick Steves speaking on Iran, but I missed some of the photos, so I went again. More than worth the time and the drive. If you […]

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