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Bowling Alley Neighbor

House of Worship, from a prior life
Tonight was another bowling adventure. I scored 109, aw yeah. Any time I break 100 is a good night.

Next door to the alley is the Seattle Temple. Once upon a time in another life, I went to church in the affiliated building right behind it, when I was living in Issaquah, the next I-90 exit over.

I had an early college roommate whose Dad was this temple’s president, always a prestigious appointment. Thanks to her father having been a former mission prez in Switzerland, she was fluent in French. She helped me keep up mah skillz. She was one of the first people I knew well from the Pacific Northwest and the first Seattle diehard ambassador I’d met. Except she was really from Tacoma, but it’s all the same neighborhood. Right? Just like this temple in Bellevue’s the official Seattle one.

I wish I could remember Susan’s last name as the last I knew of her, she was married with a little girl & doing French grad work at UBC-Victoria. I bet she’s still kickin it around here.

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