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BookClub: Twilight

For bookclub, we met on the Eastside this month at Phil’s — we had a full house. I wanted to visit more with friends after the discussion as moto and I normally do, but dems da breaks with carpooling. Next time. I’d also been pushing to extend it into some sort of game night and move it to Saturday. In the end, we stuck with the Sunday tradition.

Months ago, someone suggested Twilight for bookclub. I’d never heard of Stephanie Meyer. That night, someone else took the book home and read all ~500 pages in a day or so. Then others jumped on the bandwagon and along came the big PR push of late summer for Meyer’s 4th novel in the series. All of a sudden Twilight was everywhere.

I predict this will be my only Meyer read. I wasn’t outright apathetic, but I wasn’t spurred on to finish until the deadline, AKA 3 AM Saturday night. Sure, we might read the second a few months down the line, but I’ll peruse wikipedia for plot synopsis and discussion highlights. It wasn’t bad. I’m envious if you found it a page-turner. I want one o’ them for myself.


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I more or less agree with you about Twilight. I’d like to read the sequels before I die, but I wasn’t hooked.

Hey, what do you think about reading the first Barack Obama book? I guess it’s about his parents and going back to Africa. We could have a special inauguration edition of the book club…

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