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Louie’s of Ashland

Louie's in Ashland
We spent last night in Portland, as planned. As I always expect with the Ax, we had a late, late night in the PDX, leading to a late start south to Ashland. He is a brilliant host and was in rare form Friday night.

We arrived in time for the end of a Wedding Eve BBQ. Then, we narrowly skipped the chance to see Comedy of Errors at the Oregon Shakepeare Festival. But, Mr T was hungry. As he’d so kindly driven the entirety of the 8 hours from Seattle thus far, I didn’t push the issue and we bid Captain Amy and the Butcher to have fun while we wandered the town.

Ashland makes its name catering to the Festival-goers. We’re lucky to have found Louie’s, a place with American standards (burgers, pizza, fancy sammies, tacos) with a nod to bistro presentation but not the prices. The food was excellent and the setting was nearly perfect.

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