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Seattle Town Hall: Richard Nelson Bolles

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Tonight, I saw an author I’ve “known” for over two decades. I remember my father reading Bolles’ great book, What Color is Your Parachute? — one of those memory snapshots. After my father died, I read it when I was almost 21, an early college grad, before I had any inkling of what to do with myself and a liberal arts degree. Back then, I was aimless and uncomfortable with my wandering; I didn’t have a Dad to help dictate my path anymore. It helped.

Once I heard he would be in Seattle, I knew I’d see Bolles. He has a great sense of humor, is candid, and he gets it. I re-learned a few things and will check out this latest edition.

The best gem for anyone that I can pass along from my notes, a comment in passing — “People think they can’t be paid for what they enjoy. But people are dead wrong…don’t look at what you’re good at. Look at what you enjoy. Look to the stars in your firmament.”

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Hmmm. Maybe I should read that book. People are constantly telling me you can’t get paid to do something you love. Career counselors, however, tell you the opposite.

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