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Beerfest Birdie

Beerfest Birdie
For Father’s Day Weekend, we took Mr. T’s father to the Washington Brewers Festival today at St. Edwards State Park. He was going to be out of town Sunday. All that sunshine was wonderful and hanging out = fun.

We ran into a number of friends. With the first, we got to meet her brand-new fiance. Later, we ran into two other couples. One couple had just finished The Flying Wheels Century bike race that afternoon and had the sunburn to prove it.  I was surprised to see the second couple there as they had a baby one week ago! The new mom was in the shade with the tiny baby so we visited for a bit before heading home.

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[…] Last year, we took Mr. T’s father to the Washington Brewer’s Festival. It was a big hit. This year, we returned with both of his parents to “The Mother of all Father’s Day Festivals.” I have one complaint – as a Designated Driver, can we get something besides water on tap? Say, Diet Coke? Anything? Since it was so well-loved, it was a success. We ran into a few people we knew. […]

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