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The Stacks

The Stacks
Today was much better than yesterday. I feared bad juju would follow into today, but luckily meetings went well and even today’s scheduled haircut was without tears.

Tonight, I got a headstart on my book club’s next read – Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret – by heading to the library. Sometimes I wander and mix it up with zany new ideas, but no library visit is complete without a quick whirl through the culinary tomes, audiobooks, and travel sections.

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Rachael, We love Tacos Guymas and Green Lake and sunshine (well, today’s a write off for sure, but the past few days, WOW!)
Thanks for your kind comments at SDP. And thanks for telling me about your dad’s battle with brain cancer, the same thing that took my husband’s life last summer after 10 months. You can imagine our daughter’s feelings. It’s a hard thing for anyone, but when you’re still a kid, I think it must feel more bewildering. Luckily the hospice program we were involved with actually had a grief group on her school campus, so it has helped to talk to others and see them in class and in the halls also silently coping with similar losses. This Father’s Day hit me harder than her, so perhaps that’s a good thing. Our next hurdle in the emotional zone will be the anniversary of his passing in July. It took me about three years after my dad’s death from cancer before my nerves and emotions were no longer raw. I don’t think any of these processes have a predictable time table. We all just manage. I hope you had some fond memories of interacting with your Dad come up over Father’s Day and that it brought a smile to you. Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to comment!
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