The Shining
I flew back from San Jose this AM, but not before learning of the very sad news in Japan and tsunami warnings along the California coast via airport monitors.

Once I arrived in Seattle, I worked a full day, then joined friends for the comedic reading of The Shining.

Up next in May, they’ll be doing Stand By Me.

Downtown San Jose
On Tuesday, Trish and Jared told me about Psycho Donuts, so after my conference wrapped up, I took a walkabout before I could catch a ride to Mountain View. I’d be staying on Mr. T’s turf for the night — we ended up joining his bosses for an amazing izakaya dinner in Saratoga.

Psycho Donuts

They are clever operators at that Psycho Donuts. I ordered two — the Tequila Sunrise with tequila cream filling and orange icing, and the Suicide Squeeze made with chocolate pudding filling and covered with crushed oreos. They have dozens of cool ideas listed on their site.

Psycho Donuts on Urbanspoon

Downtown San Jose
On a break, I ran an errand near the conference — check out that sunny sky! THRILLING! Made me very happy.

You know what else made me happy? Meeting up with Trish and Jared tonight — always a boost to see good friends in a foreign place.

Silicon Valley hotels love retro technology
I arrived in San Jose today, for a conference. Photos of retro technology = the latest in Silicon Valley hotel design trends (noticed in two establishments).

Hot Sauce Party
Valentina threw a hot sauce party at her place today. Pictured above — a random sampling of the international offerings.

Hot Sauce Party
V’s Venezuelan appetizer with chili-honey

Amanda Castleman shares a clip of our party here. She brought several kinds of Guyanese sauces, inspired by her recent eco-tourism there.

WYAM King Cake
Karen, Mr. T, and I went in search of King Cake today at the Where Ya At Matt food truck. Only 3 days ’til Mardi Gras!

Sometimes you just end up needing lime green jello RIGHT AWAY on a Friday night. Then you relearn it takes houuuuuuurs to set.

Mr. T and his coworker did their first long ride of 2011. I joined them afterward at Liberty on 15th for sushi and cocktails. We sat at the bar & tried all sorts of goodies, including Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur and a few kinds of rye.

Their sushi menu is clever. We ordered several rolls, but I mainly chilled out with a Blackjack Davey (Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Carpano Antica, Vermouth, Ramazotti Amaro, Orange Bitters) and a Point of No Return (Gin, Chartreuse, Absinthe, Lime Juice, Rosemary, Fire). It had been a long day, so having them light the Point of No Return on fire was satisfying.

Liberty on Urbanspoon

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