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Ocho Happy Hour

Ocho menu
I was in Ballard to heed Lara Ferroni’s advice to clean your sensor a few times a year, when I realized it was the perfect time to partake of Happy Hour somewhere nearby. I fired up Urbanspoon, and was on my way to Ocho for tapas in a matter of minutes. I tried Revueltos con Trufa (scrambled eggs on toast), Pan con Tomate (tomato sauce & spanish cheese, also on toast), and Banderilla de Boquerones (fried artichoke, piquillo pepper, and anchovies with aioli). I wrapped that up with the pink drink, a spicy & sharp Dragon’s Tongue. It was a blissful break from errands.

Ain't a looker but deliciousRevueltos con Trufa

Banderilla de BoqueronDragon's tongue

Ocho on Urbanspoon

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Finally, Bakery Nouveau

Bakery Nouveau
For years, I’ve tried Bakery Nouveau’s goodies at gatherings or as treats from friends. As luck would have it, I was in West Seattle around the perfect time today to pick up twice-baked croissants and some of their new pizza at their store. They serve possibly the most beautiful French pastries and sandwiches in Seattle.

Bakery Nouveau on Urbanspoon

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74th Street Alehouse

74th St Ale House
Met up with 2 old friends at the alehouse tonight.

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ShockRule Wedding!

Our table had issues with setting crosswords on fire.
Our final wedding of the season. Our table had issues with setting our crossword puzzles on fire. Literally or figuratively? I’ll let you be the judge.

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Girls Weekend on Camano Island

Camano Island
The women in Mr. T’s family held their annual Girls’ Weekend at Aunt C’s on Camano Island. I loved taking part in this — and felt so lucky to be included. They are a smart & welcoming group.

I wasn’t sure how much they’d like me taking their pictures, so I mostly stuck with nature and the younger crowd. 🙂

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Alki, Late Summer

On Alki
At lunchtime, I visited the Bellevue Art Museum with some friends. Afterward, I had very important business to attend to on Alki.

Followed by a marvelous dinner at La Rustica, I wrapped up the day at the College Inn Pub in the U-District, with Misty in her final 48 hours as a single lady.

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Mother Nature, Please Press Pause

A walk in Ravenna
Yesterday & today could not have been more perfect, here in Seattle.

New Speed Zones
Mid-afternoon, I hit up the King County Airport to update a Nexus/Global Entry pass of mine. On my way back, I noticed the new euro-style speed zones in South Seattle.

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Sitka & Spruce, The American, & LUPEC

Mr. T’s mom, sister, and I caught a viewing of The American. I believe E! described it best when they called it a George Clooney Coffee Table Book. It was a very art-house Anton Corbijn film — goths of the 90s would recognize him from his Depeche Mode days. Every single shot was flawless.

I preceded that with lunch with Carey & Joanne at Sitka & Spruce. Another restaurant work of art.
Sitka and SpruceWatermelon prosciutto feta salad

I wrapped up the evening at Mistral Kitchen for September’s LUPEC meeting. Sorry, no pictures this time!