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Jetlag 1 Rachel 0

My Street
On my street.
We are still readjusting to life. It’ll be a week or so yet. Tonight, we started in on the giant bin of mail.

about Seattle

Bday Time

Guess who’s birthday was today!?

I was craving Mexican food towards the end of our trip, so an impromptu dinner party at El Mestizo (thanks to Naomi’s suggestion) was in order!

about Seattle

En route: DUB – JFK

On ze plane
Dr. Watson, I presume.

We flew back from Dublin to Seattle, via New York. I watched 3 movies between DUB & JFK! That’s more than I’ve seen in some recent years.

I tried for a 4th movie: Sherlock Holmes. We landed halfway through my viewing. Regarding the Arabic subtitles: they wouldn’t turn off.

We were grateful Delta gave us such a long layover after originally trying to get bumped earlier — getting through immigration alone took 2 hours (our 2nd time through for this flight, actually, our deplaning was rerouted by accident). We were not grateful JFK hadn’t turned on the AC yet.

We were very grateful to get home 10 minutes to midnight.