From the monthly archives: "January 2010"

I love 2010
I walked in the door tonight — soon after pondering how lucky I feel we live in a time where the Internet can collapse distances between friends thousands of miles away — to see Mr. T was setting up the to go with the Netflix stream to the TV.

Man. I love 2010, too.

Cheetah Sighting on Queen Anne
We had brunch at J&L’s today. We took The Baron over to hang out with Max the Puppy. Spotted this Cheetah truck on the streets. Joke about Tiger Woods changing his first name redacted. You’re welcome.

Camo Baron

A New Year Tradition
For the last 3 years, we wake up to streamers in our chandelier on January 1.

A few years ago, moto’s mom told me never clean on New Year’s Day — it’s bad luck, for how you spend the first day is how you spend the year. So we don’t clean on NYD. That’s for January 2. Except I really didn’t want to take the streamers down just yet. So I didn’t.

Gnomey's Sparkler
Happy New Year! I’ve spent most of today wondering where my phone is resting.

We had friends over last night. This is what happens when you realize you’re running out of party cups and ask everyone to write their name on their glass.
I told randfish I'd Sell This on EBAY

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