Electro bike in fremont
I’m readjusting to Seattle again.

I craved sushi all morning, but time crunch meant I should head over to Blue C for takeout. Not ideal, but felt like it’d be the same cost as picking up a pacifier at the PCC deli. On my way out, I noticed this, then noticed Ian’s truck (with his “Toucan Do It!” sticker — the name of his boat, too) stopped behind a 31 metro bus. I rapped on his side window and we lunched in front of the PCC. My attempt at time-saving didn’t pan out, but that’s not more important than dining with friends!

A quick note to say: more coming soon. During my first trip greater than a week since I started this, the photo diary took an unplanned break. Without strategy, I did nothing. I am back with exciting news to report and drafted entries to publish within the next 24 hours.

Hold, please. 😉

Heading back to Seattle
This morning was focused on packing up, heading out to our mid-afternoon flight. BOO. In this scene, we’re waiting for the doors to close.

When we got to the airport, we discovered Hawaiian Airlines had reassigned our seats and we had to run directly to the gate to get new seats. We spent the entire time until the final boarding call standing in line as the person running the show was a can short of a six-pack. She also kept calling different people up for reassignment, in front of us, ignoring those patiently in line while I worried we were going to be bumped. LAME. I couldn’t recharge any electronics (wow, Apple products seemed especially bad at holding a charge in the humidity) nor did I have time to buy water at a gift shop past Security Theatre. LAME.

I was thankful when a couple in front of us grew impatient and took off. We were given their re-coordinated assignments and could sit together even if I did end up in the middle seat. Still missed my water. On flights, it’s essential — I really hate bothering anyone to bring more. The electronics, not so necessary, as I could go analog and read The Man Who Ate Everything by Jeffery Steingarten for most of the 5 hour flight back.

Yay for non-stop to the tropics, though.

Final Sunset
For our final full day, we stayed at our resort. We passed plans for the Road to Hana to enjoy more relaxation. Hana: next time?

Balcony Bird
We spent most of the day lounging — at breakfast, we had company.

Tonight, we went to Lahaina for fabulous dinner at the Lahaina Grill. I tried their Maui Onion and Sesame Crusted Seared Ahi with vanilla bean jasmine rice and apple cider-soy vinaigrette. I will be thinking about it for months to come. Their Cake Walk — Kona lobster crab cake, sweet Louisiana rock shrimp cake and seared ahi cake — was amazing, too.

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