Balagan Theatre
A good friend of ours (J) was rounding up friends for dinner on Saturday night, but through a series of fortunate events, switched it to tonight. Most were out of town, so dinner plans included me & Mr. T along with our friend J and his Laura (who we all adore) at a place I’ve wanted to revisit for years: La Spiga.

Turns out it was J’s birthday and we got to celebrate dinner with him followed by Steve Martin’s Picasso at the Lapin Agile, just around the corner from La Spiga at the Balagan Theatre.

I’m curious about the movie version now.

Spectacular Seattle Sunset
We’ve had a string of spectacular days. Around dusk, new weather rolled in. I remarked to the Mr. that it reminded me of Mary Poppins when the wind changed…since everything arrived at the right hour, the sunset was phenomenal. I wish I’d been closer to the water.

Cliff Mass also covered it here: a Meterologically Religious Experience.

I was torn over the photo to post. Two candidates: a) the marvelous weather or b) a colleague’s Gulpy. Dear reader, I’ve decided to share both.

We heard it was gonna be a scorcher, so our department headed to Golden Gardens to enjoy the sunshine. Brilliant day, surprisingly slow at the park. I got all shy with the camera, so only the point and shoot came out.
Wednesday in the Park with Seattle

One colleague is WFHing it this week as he cares for his wife. He joined us at the park with his puppy (also awesome, but the dark coat kept me from capturing anything that demonstrated the cuteness). And the revelation of the kind of dog owner he is had me cracking up so much that I had to pull out my camera to share with the world. Note the Gulpy holstered on the left, the treat bag on the right.
gulpy! for yuppies!

I wouldn’t have noticed it was “hot” without everyone bringing it up. It’s 85-ish. I had a volunteer meeting tonight on the calendar but woke up to find it abruptly cancelled. This evening, I’ve taken the opportunity to putter around, continue catching up, make salsa and take care of some garden work.

One of the things I love about Spring — when you’ve been living in the same home for a while — is finding those flowers you forgot you planted. For me, gardening is an optimistic and hopeful exercise carried out when the future seems wide open and full of possibility. I like that these flowery reminders bring me back to those moments.

So Silent
Mr. T’s parents came to our side of the water tonight to celebrate his birthday + 1 week at Mr. T’s favorite place: the Latona Pub. On our way home, we spotted this. The auction was so silent, we never found the source.

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