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Beautiful Dublin Day
We landed in Dublin this morning. Uneventful flight: my favorite kind!
Brunch - Juniors
We went straight for brunch at Juniors, thanks to sasha’s suggestion.

My Irish Breakfast & Mr. T’s roasted pork belly over choucroute were great, though next time I’ll go for the French Toast half the place ordered.

We overheard the woman next to us chatting about a packout and a quick conversation with her confirmed she’s a colleague of our friends who lived in Athens. Small world.

We spent most of the day wandering, fighting the jetlag.

Things I Learned the Hard Way:
Salamanca was great 5 years ago, but is now bland and flavorless. Unjustifiably pricey.

Ireland may run on the Euro, but they don’t run on the continent’s same electricity. My duo-prong was no good in this joint. What a rookie mistake, like I’d never visited the place! Thank goodness for our hotel vending machine.
Converter in a Vending Machine

Jetlag blows. (Ok, this is a relearn.)

We have Oscar Wilde & sunsets to soften that blow.
And I'd just said "There's gotta be an Oscar Wilde statue around here."

Oscar Wilde

Sunset over Liffey

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